Your saviour has arrived!

Your saviour has arrived!

Your saviour has arrived...
Hey Blondie Keune Silver Saviour Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner only 24 dollars each at Local Colour Hair Studio purchase in store or online
Meet Keune Care Silver Savior: a gentle, brightening shampoo and conditioner duo designed to refresh cool blonde and silver tones. Featuring brass-busting violet pigments and nourishing agents to keep cool blonde, grey, white and silver hair looking fresh.

Silver Savior is designed for those with natural or colour-treated blonde, grey, white and silver hair and to 
say we are just a little bit excited about this new product is an understatement! Some of the fairer maidens from the Local Colour Hair team have already tried Silver Savior and the results are quite remarkable, you will really be thoroughly impressed.
Don't just take our word for it, here are some tips from Keune's Global Creative Colour Director, Marriët Gakes.
Keune Global Creative Colour Director Marriët Gakes
Tip 1: If you apply Silver Savior to hair that’s 50-75% dry, its neutralisation powers will double. You’ll need to use more product though — it won’t spread as easily because it won’t be diluted with water — but the shampoo will neutralise more effectively. 
Tip 2: If your ends are bright white and you’re brassy at the root, then use Silver Savior locally, so only on brassier areas. Avoid your beautiful snowy ends because they may turn purple or bluish. If you find it tricky to avoid your ends, then saturate them in Care Colour Brillianz Mask before rinsing with Silver Savior.
Tip 3: I’m a colour specialist and I want to keep my clients looking their best. I make sure my silver and ash blonde clients know how to properly maintain their colour at home. If they don’t, the beautiful cool colour I designed won’t last — which would be a waste! For me, it’s important my clients take their home maintenance seriously.
Keune - Care - Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner are now in stock. You can purchase them both from our online store or drop by to collect your savior in person at either our Scarborough or Subiaco studio's for $24 each.
Quietly - Look for Silver Savior to feature heavily in an upcoming Local Colour Hair package around spring time, but more on that later.
Stay blonde, stay beautiful people 😍
Keune Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner on blue background

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