Chameleon | Neon/Pastel Colour Package

Chameleon | Neon/Pastel Colour Package

Take a walk into the colourful jungle with our brand new neon/pastel colour package... Chameleon. Specially crafted for those who dare walk the vivid rainbow, this package is designed to take your existing hair and turn the colour dial up to 11!

Things to consider:

We understand that this is potentially a big change, so before we lay a finger on your hair we will guide you through a detailed consultation to discuss desired results, price, at home maintenance and what you can expect (you can do this by scheduling your consultation below). This package can also be very time consuming, we recommend that you allow up to 4.5 hours for your appointment.

- Detailed consultation
- Pre-lightening/on scalp application
- Neon/Pastel Toner
- Olaplex 1 & 2 (in-salon) treatments
- Take Home Evo Fab Pro (customised) 
- Style Cut & Blow-dry
FROM - $500

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