Evo Hair Products | Haze | Styling Powder
EVO Haze Styling Powder 50 milliliter bottle

EVO | Haze - Styling Powder (50ml)

style. great sculptors don’t use tofu™


A styling powder to add volume and texture when hair is suffering from the flop.

Recommended for:

All hair types, especially fine, limp hair.

The Benefits:

  • volume and texture - adds both volume and texture with a matte finish
  • easy application - the pump provides fine and even distribution of powder. can be used for general application or to target a specific area
  • refill available - reusing the pump on a refill pack minimises environmental impact and wastage

How to use:

Shake gently before use. sprinkle/spray to to dry hair for texture. for extra root lift, apply directly to the roots. refill pack can be used as a shaker or with a pump. to reuse pump remove plug and screw it on.

Haze Styling Powder Style and Hold Factor

Here's a tip - When extra volume, texture and style support is required, lightly layer haze over root canal in damp hair and blow dry in at the roots.